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Butler, Norman 3X

Born: 1938 AD
Currently alive, at 83 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Assassin

1938 – Butler, Norman 3X was born.

         – He has always maintained his innocence of the crime. Talmadge Hayer, the only assassin who was apprehended at the scene and confessed, also claimed that Butler was completely innocent in two affidavits; see Hayer affidavits.

1985 – Al-Aziz was paroled from prison. He continued his affiliation with the Nation of Islam under Louis Farrakhan, who has indicated he believes Al-Aziz’s claims of innocence.

1998 – Al-Aziz made headlines when he was appointed by Farrakhan as the head of the organization’s Mosque No. 7 in Harlem. Malcolm X had once headed and helped build the Nation of Islam’s Mosque No. 7, though it was a different building at that time than it was at the time of Al-Aziz’s appointment.