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Butler, Joseph

Born: 1692 AD
Died: 1752 AD

1692 – Born in Wantage on the 18th of May.

1714  – He decided to enter the Church of England, and went to Oxford. After holding various other preferments, he became rector of the rich living of Stanhope.

1736 – He was made the head chaplain of King George II’s wife Caroline, on the advice of Lancelot Blackburne.

1738 – He was appointed bishop of Bristol.

1738 – He was appointed bishop of Bristol. He is said to have declined an offer to become the archbishop of Canterbury.

1750 – He became Bishop of Durham.

1726-1736 – He is most famous for his Fifteen Sermons on Human Nature and Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed.

1752 – Died on the 16th of June in Bath, Somerset.