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Busch, Adolphus

Born: 1839 AD
Died: 1913 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Colonel, Founder, Military Officer

1839 – Colonel Adolphus Busch, born on the 10th of July in Kastel, Germany. He was the cofounder of Anheuser-Busch with his father-in-law, Eberhard Anheuser.

1857 – He attended the Collegiate Institute of Belgium, and left his home.

1861 – He married Lilly Eberhard Anheuser.

1880 – Started a wholesale brewer’s supply store, and four years later he bought a share in the Bavarian brewery from Eberhard Anheuser, his father-in-law. The company was first called Anheuser and Company, but at the death of Eberhard Anheuser, it was changed to Anheuser Busch Company

1891 – He was also an early adopter of bottled beer and sales surpassed the one million barrels of beer benchmark.

1912 – Constructed the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas, then the tallest building in the state.

1913 – He died on the 10th of October while on vacation in Langenschwalbach, Germany (now Bad Schwalbach, Germany).