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Burnett, Leo Noble

Born: 1891 AD
Died: 1971 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Businessmen

1891 – Leo Noble Burnett was born on the 21st of October.

1910 – Leo Burnett entered the University of Michigan. After four years he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

1917 – Leo Burnett met his future wife, Naomi Geddes, who was working as a restaurant cashier near the Cadillac Company.

1942 – Leo Burnett purchased a farm near Lake Zurich in Illinois. He built a lake near his farm, which he called "Naomi", in honor of his wife.

1948 – Leo Burnett had his first mild heart attack. After suffering a heart attack, he was forced to lessen the load on his schedule.

1962 – On the 12th of October, Leo Burnett’s photograph as well as photos of other advertising giants were placed on the cover of Time Magazine.

1966 – He was named the "Marketing Man of the Year" by the American Marketing Association.

1965 – Leo Burnett was the founder of the Chicago School of Advertising. In a Chicago ad club, he said that "Any canvass of New York agencies will show, of course, that a lot of their star performances were originally cow-milking yokels from the Midwest.

1967 – Leo Burnett’s illness didn’t allow him to work hard, and Leo Burnett stepped away from an active management role. Despite his illness, he never lost his enthusiasm towards advertising, and his presence at his agency maintained evident.

1971 – On the 7th of June, Leo Burnett’s last working day at his office. On this day, Leo Burnett, 79 years of age, worked for several hours in his Chicago office, came home to his farm on Lake Zurich, had dinner with Naomi, and later in the evening had his final heart attack.