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Bulganin, Nikolai Alexandrovich

Born: 1895 AD
Died: 1975 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Politician

1895 – Bulganin was born in Nizhny Novgorod on the 11th of June.

1917 – He joined the Bolshevik Party.

1918-1922 – He was recruited into the Cheka, the Bolshevik regime’s political police.

1927 – After the Russian Civil War he became an industrial manager, working in the electricity administration.

         – He was as director of the Moscow electricity supply.

1931-1937 – He was chairman of the executive committee of the Moscow City Soviet.

         – He was promoted rapidly as other leaders fell victim to Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge.

         – In July, he was appointed Prime Minister of the Russian Republic (RSFSR).

1938 – He became a full member of the Central Committee later that year, and in September he became Deputy Prime Minister of the Soviet Union, and also head of the State Bank of the USSR.

1944 – He was appointed Deputy Commissar for Defense, under Stalin, and served as Stalin’s principal agent in the High Command of the Red Army.

1946 – He became Minister for the Armed Forces and was promoted to the rank of Marshal of the Soviet Union.

         – He became a candidate member of the Politburo of the Communist Party.

1947 – He was again Deputy Prime Minister of the Soviet Union, under Stalin.

1948 – He became a full member of the Politburo.

1975 – He died on the 24th of February.