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Bugeaud de la Piconnerie, Thomas Robert

Born: 1784 AD
Died: 1849 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Marshal

1784 – Born on October 15th in Limoges. French Marshal.

1804 – He became a private soldier in the Vélites of the Imperial Guard.

1806 – He was given a commission, and as a sub-lieutenant he served in the Jena and Eylau campaigns.

1808 – He was in the first French corps which entered Spain, and was stationed in Madrid during the revolt of the Dos Mayo.

1831 – He was made a maréchal de camp.

1836 – Returned home with the rank of lieutenant-general.

1840 – He was nominated governor-general of Algeria.

1848 – His last public service was the command of the army of the Alps.

1849 – Died on June 10th in Paris.