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Budenny, Semyon Mikhailovich

Born: 1883 AD
Died: 1973 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Marshal

1883 – Born on April 25th in Furmanka, South Ukraine. Soviet military commander.

1903 – He joined the army of the Russian Empire.

1918 – Organized a Red Cavalry force in the Don region.

1935 – He became one of the first five Marshals of the Soviet Union.

1937 – He commanded the Moscow Military District.

1940 – Appointed as Deputy People’s Commissar for Defense.

1941 – Became the Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet armed forces of the Southwestern Direction facing the German invasion of Ukraine.

1943 – He was regarded as a Hero of the Soviet Union when he retired.

1973 – Died on October 26th.