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Bryant, Paul William

Born: 1913 AD
Died: 1983 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Football Coach

1913 – Born on September 11th in Moro Bottom, Arkansas. American college football coach who set a record for more games won than any other collegiate coach.

1927 – He successfully wrestled a bear for a theater promotion, after which he was given the nickname "Bear".

1930 – Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant leads his high school team, the Fordyce Red Bugs to a perfect season and a state championship.

1932 – He went on to the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa where he played blocking end.

1934 – Paul Bryant becomes known in football folklore as the ‘other end’ to Don Hutson as Alabama goes 10-0 and beats Stanford 29-13 in the Rose Bowl. The Crimson Tide claims the national title by a number of polls in the pre-AP era.

1935 – Married to Mary Harmon Black in Ozark, Alabama on June 2nd.

         – Played against Tennessee in Knoxville with a broken bone in his left leg and he leads the Tide to a 25-0 victory over the Volunteers.

1936 – He graduated from the University of Alabama.

         – He was hired at Union College in Tennessee to install the Notre Dame Box offense.

1940 – Bryant goes to Vanderbilt as an assistant coach to Red Sanders after being recommended by sports writer and close personal friend Fred Russell.

1942-1944 – Bryant serves as an officer in North Africa until he is honorably discharged and sent to North Carolina to train new enlistees.

         – He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

1946 – He became the head coach at Arkansas.

1968 – Paul Bryant makes news away from the football field when he receives 1 1/2 votes for the Democratic Presidential nomination at the convention held in Chicago.

1982 – Paul Bryant officially announced his retirement from the University of Alabama.

1983 – Died on January 26th in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

         – Posthumously received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.