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Bruno of Cologne, Saint

Born: 1030 AD
Died: 1101 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Monks, Saint

1030 – Bruno was born in Cologne, West Germany of the prominent Hartenfaust family. German clergyman and the founder of the Carthusian order.

1055 – He was ordained and became a Canon at St. Cunibert’s.

1056-1057 – He returned to Rheims as professor of theology and became head of the school the following year.

1074 – He was appointed chancellor of Rheims by its archbishop, Manasses.

1076 – Bruno was forced to flee Rheims when he and several other priests denounced Manasses as unfit for the office of Papal Legate.

1080 – Bruno later returned to Cologne but went back to Rheims when Manasses was deposed, and though the people of Rheims wanted to make Bruno archbishop, he decided to pursue an eremitical life.

1084 – He became rector of the cathedral school at Reims, but withdrew to the wild mountains of Chartreuse, near Grenoble.

         – He founded the austere Carthusian order on the site of the present Grande Chartreuse.

1090 – The fame of the group and their founder spread, and Bruno was brought to Rome, against his wishes, by Pope Urban II (whom he had taught at Rheims) as Papal Adviser in the reformation of the clergy.

1091 – He established a second Carthusian monastery at Della Torre in Calabria.

1101 – Died on October 6th.

1514 – He was never formally canonized because of the Carthusians’ aversion to public honors but Pope Leo X granted the Carthusians permission to celebrate his feast.

1623 – His name was placed on the Roman calendar.