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Brum, Baltasar

Born: 1883 AD
Died: 1933 AD
Nationality: Uruguayan
Categories: Humanitarian, Politician

1883 – Born on June 18th in Salto, Uruguay. Uruguayan humanitarian, journalist, jurist, and politician.

1913 – Brum’s first major posts were as minister of public education.

1914 – Became the minister of foreign affairs.

1917 – He served on the commission that revised the Uruguayan constitution.

1919 – He was the first president of the country under the new constitution.

1920 – He enunciated Brum Doctrine.

1923-1931 – He became director of the prominent publication El Día ("The Day") and was president of the National Council of Administration.

         – He was responsible for instituting free and compulsory primary education, for founding public libraries, and for distributing free food to the unemployed and destitute, in addition to enhancing his country’s prestige in the field of foreign relations.

1933 – Died on March 31st in Montevideo.

         – Brum remained so firmly dedicated to democracy that he shot himself rather than surrender to police whom Terra had sent to arrest all Council members and all congressmen who were opposing him.