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Brownson, Orestes Augustus

Born: 1803 AD
Died: 1876 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Authors, Editors, Social Reformers

1803 – Brownson was an adopted orphan, who was raised by impoverished Rural farmers in Stockbridge, Vermont, and educated himself.

1822 Brownson became a Presbyterian.

1824-1926 – He became a Universalist, becoming ordained and preaching in New York and New England.

1932 – He was ordained Unitarian minister.

1836 – He broke from Unitarianism and founded Society for Christian Union and Progress.

         – He founded journal "Boston Quarterly Review".

1844 – He converted to Catholicism.

         – He was the founder and editor of journal "Brownson’s Quarterly Review".

1857 – He wrote a memoir, The Convert; or, Leaves from My Experience.

1876 – Orestes Brownson died.