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Brill, Abraham Arden

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1948 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Translator

1874 – Abraham Arden was born in Austria. American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and translator.

1901-1903 – He entered and graduated from New York University and received his M.D. from Columbia University.

1887-1889 – He came to the United States alone at the age of 13 and emigrated at age 15.

1908 – He returned to the United States to become one of the earliest and most active exponents of psychoanalysis, being the first to translate into English most of the major works of Freud as well as books by Jung.

         – He became the first Freudian psychoanalyst in the U.S.

         – He taught at New York University and Columbia, was a practicing psychoanalyst.

1912-1921 – He wrote Psychoanalysis: Its Theories and Practical Application and Fundamental Conceptions of Psychoanalysis.

1938 – He was best known as the translator of Sigmund Freud’s works into English, including the compendium The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud.

1948 – Abraham Arden died.