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Braun, Karl Ferdinand

Born: 1850 AD
Died: 1918 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Physicists

1850 – He was born oin the 6th of June in Fulda.

1872 – Braun was educated at the University of Marburg and received a Ph.D from the University of Berlin.

1874 – He discovered that a point-contact semiconductor rectifies alternating current.

1895 – He became director of the Physical Institute and professor of physics at the University of Strasbourg.

1897 – He built the first cathode-ray tube oscilloscope.

1898 – He invented a crystal diode rectifier or Cat’s whisker diode.

1909 – Braun shared the Nobel Prize for physics with Marconi for "contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy."

1918 – Braun died in his house in Brooklyn (New York City) before the war ended on the 18th of April.