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Brady, James Buchanan

Born: 1856 AD
Died: 1917 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Philanthropist

1856 – Born on August 12th in New York City. American financier and philanthropist, noted for his lavish lifestyle, fondness for ostentatious jewelry, and enormous appetite.

1879 – He worked for the New York Central Railroad, became a salesman of railroad equipment.

         – Brady worked as a bellhop and in various jobs with the New York Central Railroad before taking a sales position with a railroad supply house.

1888 – He was the only agent in the USA for the Fox Pressed Steel Car Truck Company of England.

         – He was famous for his appetite and elaborate meals and was one of the best-known men in New York’s Broadway nightlife.

1912 – He donated funds to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for the establishment of a medical institute.

         – Found the James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute.

1917 – Died on April 13th in Atlantic City, New Jersey.