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Brackenbury, Richard, Sir

Born: 14XX AD
Died: 1485 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Felon

         – Brackenbury was one of Richard III’s close associates.

         – He was treasurer of Richard’s household when he was Duke of Gloucester.

1483 – Brackenbury figures in St Thomas More’s version of the life of Richard III. More says that after the coronation on the 6th of July and while on his way to Gloucester, Richard sent John Green to Brackenbury with written orders for Brackenbury to kill the Princes in the Tower.

         – Brackenbury remained Constable of the Tower and on the 17th July, he was appointed Constable of the Tower for life.

1485 – In March, he was entrusted with Richard’s bastard son, John of Gloucester, whom he took to Calais to become its Captain.

         – According to Molinet and Lindsay, Brackenbury had joint command of Richard’s vanguard at the Battle of Bosworth Field on the 22nd of August and was killed fighting beside Richard III.