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Bozzaris, Marco

Born: 1788 AD
Died: 1823 AD
Nationality: Greek
Categories: Soldier

1788 – Born in the region of Souli in Greece, he was the second son of Kitsos Botsaris.

1803 – After the capture of Souli by Ali Pasha, Botsaris with the remnants of the Souliotes, crossed over to the Ionian Islands, where he ultimately took service in a French regiment.

1814 – He joined the Greek patriotic society known as the Filiki Eteria.

1820 – With other Souliots, made common cause with the Greeks against the Ottoman Empire.

1822-1823 – On the outbreak of the Greek revolt, he distinguished himself by his courage, tenacity and skill as a partisan leader in the fighting in western Hellas, and was conspicuous in the defence of Missolonghi during the first siege.

1823 – On the night of August 21st, he led the celebrated attack at Karpenisi of 350 Souliots on 4000 Albanians who formed the vanguard of the army with which Mustai Pasha was advancing to reinforce the besiegers.

       – Botsaris managed to take Mustai Pasha as a prisoner during the raid but he was shot in the head while leaving the encampment.