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Bowdler, Thomas

Born: 1754 AD
Died: 1825 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Editors, Men of Letter, Philanthropist, Physicians

1754 – Born on July 11th in Ashley, near Bath, Somerset, England. English doctor of medicine, philanthropist, and man of letters, known for his Family Shakspeare.

1807 – The Family Shakespeare first appeared as a four-volume edition.

         – Bowdler is known for The Family Shakespeare, an expurgated* edition of the Bard’s works.

         – Bowdler added nothing to the original text; he simply removed words and phrases he thought unsuitable for reading aloud in front of women and children.

1825 – Died on February 24th in Rhydding, near Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales.

1936 – His work gave rise to the coined term "bowdlerize", which refers to a work that has been “sanitized” for the general public.