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Boscawen, Edward

Born: 1711 AD
Died: 1761 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Admiral

1911 – Born on the 19th of August. He was the third son of Hugh, 1st Viscount Falmouth.


1739 – He entered the navy, and distinguished himself at the taking of Porto Bello.


1742 – He married, and entered parliament as member for Truro.


1744 – Captured the French frigate "Médée", commanded by M. de Hocquart, the first ship taken in the war.


1747 – Signalized himself in the engagement off Cape Finisterre, and was wounded in the shoulder with a musket-ball.


        – On the 15th of July he was made rear admiral and commander-in-chief of the expedition to the East Indies.


1748 – On the 29th of July he arrived off Fort St. David’s.


1750 – In April he arrived in England.


1751 – He made one of the lords of the Admiralty.


1755 – In February, he was appointed vice-admiral.


1758 – Appointed admiral of the blue and commander-in-chief of the expedition to Cape Breton.


1759 – Appointed to command in the Mediterranean


1760 – In December he was appointed general of the marines, with a salary of £3000 per annum.


1761 – He died at his seat near Guildford on the 10th of January.