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Boris Godunov

Born: 1551 AD
Died: 1605 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Tsar/Tzar/Czar

1551 – Boris Feodorovich Godunov was born this year. He is a Russian politician and ruler.

1570 – He is mentioned as taking part in the Serpeisk campaign as one of the archers of the guard.

1571 – He strengthened his position at court by his marriage to Maria, the daughter of Ivan’s abominable favorite Malyuta Skuratov.

1580 – He was promoted to the rank of boyar.

1584 – 1598 – Served as regent of Russia.

1595 – He recovered from Sweden the towns lost during the former reign.

1598 – 1605 – On 1st of September he was solemnly crowned tsar.

1605 – Died after a lengthy illness and a stroke on the 13th of April.