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Borgia, Cesare

Born: 1475 AD
Died: 1507 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Cardinal, Soldier

1475 – Born on the 13th of September at Rome to Cardinal Rodrigo de Lanzol y Borja, soon to become Pope Alexander VI.

1490 – At the age of 15 he was made Bishop of Pamplona.

1493 – He was made Cardinal at the age of 18.

1498 – On 17th of August, he became the first person in history to resign the cardinalate.

        – The French king Louis XII named him Duke of Valentinois, which explains the nickname "Valentino."

1499 – On 10th of May, he married Charlotte d’Albret.

1503 – He was seized and imprisoned by his political enemies, led by Pope Julius II.

1504 – Exiled to Spain.

1506 – Escaped from a Spanish prison and joined his brother-in-law, King John III of Navarre.

1507 – Died on 11th of March at the siege of Viana, at the age of 31.