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Booth, Newton

Born: 1825 AD
Died: 1892 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Lawyers, Politician

1825 – Born in Salem, Indiana, on the 30th of December, to Beebe and Hannah Booth. A lawyer who came to California and enjoyed success as a wholesale grocer prior to his election as State Senator.

1841 – His parents with him moved from Salem to Terre Haute, Indiana.

         – Graduated from Asbury University, later renamed DePauw University, in nearby Greencastle, Indiana.

1850 – Studied law in Terre Haute and was admitted to the bar.

         – He moved to California, where he temporarily engaged in the wholesale grocery business at Sacramento.

1857 – Returned to Terre Haute and engaged in the practice of law.

1860 – He returned to Sacramento, and again engaged in mercantile pursuits.

1862-1863 – Elected to the California State Senate.

1871 – Served as the 11th Governor of California.

1873 – Booth helped to organize a new political party, the "Dolly Vardens", and with their support he was elected to the U.S. Senate.

1875-1881 – Resigned and was elected to the United States Senate.

         – Served as chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Manufacturers and the U.S. Senate Committee on Patents.

1892 – Died of cancer of the tongue in Sacramento on 14th of July and was interred in the City Cemetery.