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Boniface IV

Born: 5XX0 AD
Died: 6150 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes, Saint

550 – Boniface IV was born this year in Valeria, Italy. He is the son of John, a physician, a Marsian from the province of Valeria.

      – Possibly a student of Pope St. Gregory I the Great in Rome, he was a deacon of the Roman Church when elected pope.

608-615 – He became a pope.

609 – Receiving permission from Byzantine emperor Phocas, he converted the Roman Pantheon into the church of Sta. Maria Rotonda on the 13th of May.

610 – Boniface presided over the Council of Rome for the restoration of monastic discipline; it was attended by St. Mellitus, the first bishop of London, by whom Boniface sent letters and instructions to St. Lawrence, archbishop of Canterbury, and to King St. Aethelberht of Kent.

     – Boniface’s pontificate was plagued, politically and ecclesiastically, by the Monophysites whose heretical bishops cooperated with invaders of the Byzantine Empire led by Heraclius, exarch of Africa.

     – A schism in Istria caused by a condemnation of Nestorianism at the second Council of Constantinople led Abbot St. Columban to reprimand Boniface for supporting the council’s decision.

615 – Boniface died on the 8th of May in monastic retirement and was buried in St. Peter’s, Rome.