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Boniface I

Born: 3XX0 AD
Died: 4220 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes, Saint

Born in Rome Italy.

       – Boniface was a priest, believed to have been ordained by Pope St. Damasus I and to have served Pope St. Innocent I at Constantinople.

418-422 – Served as pope, whose reign was markedly disrupted by the faction of the antipope Eulalius.

       – When Boniface was chosen pope by a majority of the Roman electors, his rival Eulalius, a deacon, was simultaneously chosen by a clerical faction.

       – Boniface’s reentry into Rome ended the 15-week schism. Thereafter his pontificate was noted for his peaceful, yet firm, diplomacy and for his zealous support of Bishop St. Augustine of Hippo, particularly in the fight against Pelagianism (q.v.), a heresy that denied original sin.

422 – He died on the 4th of September in Rome, Italy.

      – His feast day is celebrated every 4th of September.