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Bolton, Herbert Eugene

Born: 1870 AD
Died: 1953 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Historian

1870 – He was born in Wilton, Wisconsin on the 20th of July to Edwin Latham and Rosaline (Cady) Bolton.

1895 – He finished bachelor’s degree at University of Wisconsin.

         – He married Gertrude James and they had seven children.

1896 – Bolton studied under Frederick Jackson Turner.

1897 – He was a Harrison Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and studied American history under John Bach McMaster.

1899 – He received his Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania.

1899-1900 – He served as a teacher at Milwaukee State Normal School.

1901 – Bolton was a history professor at the University of Texas, where he taught medieval and European history.

1902 – He became interested in the Spanish colonization of the Americas and began traveling to Mexico in search of historical documents.

1911 – He became a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

         – He served as the chair of the history department and became the first director of the renowned Bancroft Library.

1914 – He published Athanase de Mézières and the Louisiana-Texas Frontier.

1915 – Bolton published Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century: Studies in Spanish Colonial History and Administration.

1921 – He published Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century, The Spanish Borderlands.

1931 – He published hid work Outpost of Empire .

1932 – He served as president of the American Historical Association.

1944 – He retired as a professor.

1953 – He died of a stroke in Berkeley on the 30th of January.