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Boleyn, Anne

Born: 1507 AD
Died: 1536 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Mistress

1504 – She was born this year. However, an Italian historian, writing in 1600, suggested that she had been born in 1499, whilst Sir Thomas More’s son-in-law suggested a much later date of 1512. Most acceptable time frame is 1501-1507.


1513 – She made a good impression in The Netherlands with her manners and studiousness and lived there from the spring of this year.


1514 – Her father arranged for her to continue her education in Paris in the winter of this year.


1521 – Her European education ended in the winter of this year when she was summoned back to England on her father’s orders.


1522 – She sailed from Calais, which was then still an English-possession, in January of this year.


1525 – Henry VIII became enamored with her and began his pursuit.




1529 – She maintained pressure until Wolsey was dismissed from public office this year.


1532 – She arranged an international conference at Calais in the winter of this year, in which Henry hoped he could enlist the support of Francis I of France for his marriage.She became pregnant in December.


1533 – She and Henry married in secret in January. She was coronated in May.


1535 – She was said to have pushed Henry to sign his old adviser Sir Thomas More’s death warrant when he was beheaded for refusing to break his oath of loyalty to Pope Paul III.


1536 – She was beheaded on 19th day of May this year in Tower of London.