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Boleslav I the Brave

Born: 9XX0 AD
Died: 1025 AD
Nationality: Polish
Categories: Duke

992 AD – He became the King of Poland.


984 AD – BolesBaw married Henilda, daughter of Rikdag, Margrave of Meißen.


997 AD – BolesBaw already possessed Silesia and Pomerania (with its chief city, GdaDsk) and Lesser Poland (with its chief city, Cracow).


1000 AD – The Emperor Otto III invested him the title Frater et Cooperator Imperii. 1002 – Boleslaw conquered Meißen and Lusatia


1003-1004 AD – BolesBaw conquered, and made himself Duke of, Bohemia, ruling as Boleslav IV.


1025 AD – He died on the 17th of June.