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Boehler, Peter

Born: 1712 AD
Died: 1775 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Missionaries, Religious Icon

1712 – Born in Frankfurt, Germany on the 31st of December, the fourth child of Brauers Johann Konrad Peter Böhler and his wife Antonetta Elisabetha. Moravian religious leader.

1831 – Attended school in Frankfurt, and went to the University of Jena.

1737 – His first official act as bishop, Count von Zinzendorf ordained Böhler to priesthood.

1738 – Böhler met John Wesley, one of the early leaders of the Methodist movement.

1740 – He migrated with other Moravians to Pennsylvania, where they founded the towns of Nazareth and Bethlehem.

1742 – This group of emigrants called the "Sea Congregation" traveled with Böhler and settled in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

1747-1753 – Served as Superintendent of the Moravian Church.

1748 – In England and was made a bishop of the church.

       – Ordained as a bishop of the Moravian churches in America and England.

1753 – Böhler left his post as superintendent, and returned back to America.

1753-1764 – Went back to America and directed new Moravian settlements in the colonies.

1775 – He died in London on 27th of April, at the age of sixty-two.