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Bloomfield, Leonard

Born: 1887 AD
Died: 1949 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Linguist

1887 – Leonard Bloomfield was born on the 1st day of April.


1911 – Wrote "The Indo-European Palatals in Sanskrit". 


1914 – He authored the "Introduction to the Study of Language".


1916 – Write "Subject and Predicate".


1917 – With Alfredo Viola Santiago they authored the "Tagalog texts with grammatical analysis".


1933 – He wrote his most notable book "Language", describing the state of the art of linguistics at its time.


1935 – Wrote "Linguistic aspects of science".


1939 – "Menomini morphophonemics".


1949 – Leonard Bloomfield died on 18th of April.


Bloomfield is one of the founders of the Linguistic Society of America.