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Blanco-Fombona, Rufino

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1944 AD
Nationality: Venezuelan
Categories: Historian

1874 – Born on June 17th in Caracas, Venezuela. Venezuelan literary historian and man of letters who played a major role in bringing the works of Latin American writers to world attention.

1908 – Jailed during the early years of the dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gómez, Blanco-Fombona fled to Europe.

1912 – His novel, El hombre de oro (The Man of Gold), was published.

1914 – He established Editorial América in Madrid, which presented Latin American writers to the European literary world.

1919 – Other important works include ‘Letras y letrados de Hispano-América’ ( “Letters and the Learned in Latin America”) and ‘Grandes escritores de América’ (“Great Writers of America”).

1929 – Two of his critical works, ‘El modernismo y los poetas modernistas’ (“Modernism and the Modernist Poets”) and ‘Camino de imperfección, diario de mi vida (1906–1913)’ (“Road of Imperfection, Diary of My Life 1906–1913”), are considered standard works on the Modernist movement in Spanish.

1944 – Died on October 17th in Buenos Aires, Argentina.