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Blanchard, Thomas

Born: 1788 AD
Died: 1864 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Inventor

1788 – Born on June 24th in Sutton, Massachusetts. American inventor who made major contributions to the development of machine tools.

         – As a boy he invented an apple parer and a tack-making machine for his brother’s factory.

1818 – As an employee of the Springfield (Massachusetts) Arsenal, he invented the lathe that duplicated the form of a pattern object by transmitting to the cutting tool the motion of a friction wheel rolling over the pattern.

1825 – He designed a steam carriage, and later he became interested in railroads but received no encouragement.

         – He then turned to designing shallow-draft steamboats and produced several successful designs.

1864 – Died on April 16th in Boston, Massachusetts.