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Blair, Tony Charles Lynton

Born: 1953 AD
Currently alive, at 67 years of age.
Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Prime Ministers

1953 – Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Blair lived most of his childhood years in Durham.


When he was 14 he went back to Edinburgh to finish studying at Fettes College.


1976 – He met Cherie Booth at the law school and eventually married her.


1983 – At age 30, the product of Oxford law school got the Sedgefield seat during the 1983 General Election.


1984 – He got promoted to the front bench of the shadow Treasury. Blair was a trade and industry spokesman at that time.


1988 – He became a member of the Shadow Cabinet and he was appointed as the Shadow Secretary of State for Energy.


1989 – He went to move to the employment brief.


1992 – Blair got promoted by John Smith to Shadow Home Secretary. He pledged that the party would focus on tough stance on crime and its causes.


1994 – He took over the leadership of the Labour Party after John Smith died. – He then campaigned for a modernized Labour Party which he termed as New Labour.


1997 – With the success of the Labour Party in the General Election, Blair, 43, became the Prime Minister, the youngest since the 1812 Prime Minister Lord Liverpool.


1998 – He was the first UK Prime Minister who addressed the parliament of the Republic of Ireland on November 26.


2001 – He got re-elected.


2003 – Blair was the first Prime Minister under the Labour Party who had the longest term on August 1 since Harold Wilson’s term (1964-1970).

– On October 19, his irregular heartbeat condition hit the news.


2005 – His 3rd term as Prime Minister


Presently, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has three sons and one daughter.