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Blair Gero

Born: 1975 AD
Currently alive, at 45 years of age.
Nationality: N/A
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Blair Gero is the owner and operator of Affordable Wildlife Control, a wildlife and pest control

and removal service based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.




After Blair Gero had been working for a few years with larger wildlife control companies, he

realized that the issues with costs for the services were coming up over and over again for

homeowners. They just were not interested in spending a lot of their hard earned money to have

some squirrels or raccoons removed from their attic or their walls. In fact, there were many

occasions when homeowners would ask Blair Gero to return at a later date to take care of the

problem on his own time, for a reduced rate. Blair was not comfortable with that, but it did give

him the idea to start Affordable Wildlife Control. Blair knew that he could take his training and

experience from years in the industry and provide high quality, guaranteed work for a lower

price than his competitors. And that is how Affordable Wildlife Control was launched in 2005.




Nova Scotia Community College

Forestry Resources, Vocational High School and Secondary Business/VocationalIndustrial/Occupational Diploma Program

2001 – 2002




Affordable Wildlife Control

March 2005 – Present




Affordable Wildlife Control has been serving Toronto and Greater Toronto Area Commercial,

Residential, Industrial customers since 2005. Since their launch, Blair Gero and his team of

Licensed and Fully Insured Professionals have captured the public’s trust with reliable service,

and affordable pricing. Affordable Wildlife Control provides fast, effective, affordable and

humane removal of the following: Raccoons, Opossums, Squirrels, Birds, Skunks, Bats, Mice &

Rats, and Bees & Wasps. Any trapped animals are humanely released within their territory.

Affordable Wildlife Control is also a Bird Barrier Certified Installer. As well, Affordable

Wildlife Control offers 24/7 Emergency Care, Damage Repair, and Preventative Maintenance.




AAA Affordable Wildlife Control – Toronto Pest Control Services

88 Erskine Avenue

Toronto, ON M4P 1Y3

(416) 560-4656