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Black, Jeremiah Sullivan

Born: 1810 AD
Died: 1883 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Diplomat, Lawyers

1810 – Born on the 10th of January in Stony Creek, Pennsylvania. American cabinet officer and attorney general during President James Buchanan’s administration who counseled a firm stand by the federal government against secession.

1827 – He was apprenticed to a lawyer.

1830 – Primarily self-educated, Black served his legal apprenticeship in the offices of a prominent attorney, then was himself admitted to the bar.

1836 – Black married Forward’s daughter and they had two children.

1842 – He was appointed judge of the district court, and nine years later, he was elected to the state supreme court.

1851 – He was a member of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

1851-1854 – He served as Chief Justice.

1857-1860 – Became the Attorney General of the United States.

         – He served President James Buchanan as US attorney general, defending federal laws and the Democratic Party.

1860 – He was the U.S. Secretary of States.

         – During Lincoln’s election as president, Buchanan appointed Black secretary of state and he struggled in vain to maintain the union.

1861-1862 – Became reporter of decisions to the Supreme Court of the United States.

         – He became despondent as the Civil War spread, but back in Pennsylvania, he regained fame and fortune in California land cases.

1864 – Black left the Court and returned to private practice in Pennsylvania.

1883 – He died on 19th of August in Brockie, Pennsylvania, USA.