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Bier, August Karl Gustav

Born: 1861 AD
Died: 1949 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Surgeon

1861 – August Karl Gustav Bier was born on the 24th of November in Helsen, which is near Arolsen in the Dukedom of Waldeck. German pioneer of spinal anaesthesia.

         – Bier became a professor at the Charité in Berlin.

1881 – He made his "Abitur" on the "Alte Landesschule" (Old School of the State Waldeck) in Korbach, the capital of Waldeck.

1889 – He became professor and began his career in Kiel.

         – There he made experiments with his assistants and on himself with a solution of cocaine he injected into the spinal channel.

1898 – Performed the first planned spinal aneasthetic on his assistant, Dr. Hildebrandt.

         – Bier pioneered the use of intravenous procaine analgesia. He also introduced the "tin helmet" into the German Army in World War One.

         – He invented spinal anesthesiology and he implemented lumbar anesthesiology at the University-hospital at Kiel.

1908 – Pioneered the use of intravenous procaine analgesia.

1936 – He promoted callisthenics and the "Studiengemeinschaft für tierärztliche Homöopathie" [Study Group for Veterinary Homeopathy], founded to investigate the alleged systemic effects of homeopathic drugs.

1949 – He died on the 12th of March in Sauen, Brandenburg.