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Bichat, Marie Francois Xavier

Born: 1771 AD
Died: 1802 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Anatomist, Pathologist

1771 – He was born on the 14th of November in Thoirette, Jura.

         – He entered the college of Nantua, and afterwards studied at Lyon.

         – He studied anatomy and surgery, under the guidance of M. A. Petit.

1793 – He went to Paris and became a pupil of P. J. Desault.

1797 – He began a course of anatomical demonstrations.

1798 – He gave in addition a separate course of physiology.

1800 – He fully developed in his TraiAf sur les membranes.

         – He published the "Recherches physiologiques sur la vie et la mort".

1801 – He began another work, under the title "Anatomic descriptive".

1802 – Marie François Xavier Bichat died on the 22nd of July.