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Bianchi, Kenneth Alessio

Born: 1951 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Murderer

1951 – Born on the 22nd of May in Rochester, New York, USA. American serial murderer.

1954 – At age three he was adopted by Frances Bianchi and her husband.

1956 – Diagnosed with petit mal seizures when he was five..

1970 – Graduated from Gates-Chili (pronounced Gates Chi-Lie) high school, he had a short marriage that ended after only eight months. Supposedly, she walked out without an explanation.

1971-1973 – He is also a suspect in the Alphabet Murders (an Unsolved serial murder case in his home city of Rochester).

1975 – Partner and adoptive cousin of Angelo Buono.

1977 – He finally arrived in Los Angeles that he started hanging around with Angelo Buono, and was impressed with his cousin’s fancy clothes, jewelry, and stories of getting any women he wanted and "putting them in their place".

1977-1979 – They raped and murdered 10 women.

1978 – He decided to move to Bellingham, Washington in May to join his wife and son currently living there.

1979 – On the 11th of January, he lured two female western Washington university students into a house he was guarding, he then had the first student go down the stairs in front of him and proceeded to strangle her. He murdered the second young girl in a similar fashion. He had left so many clues police quickly tied him with the crime.

       – At his trial, Bianchi pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, claiming that another personality, one "Steve Walker", had committed the crimes. Bianchi even managed to convince a few expert psychiatrists that he indeed suffered from multiple personality disorder, but investigators brought in their own psychiatrists to pick Bianchi’s story apart.

1980 – He was sentenced to a life imprisonment.