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Bernard of Clairvaux

Born: 1090 AD
Died: 1153 AD

French Cistercian abbot and saint


1090 AD – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux was born in Fontaines, France.


1128 AD – Invited by Cardinal Matthew of Albano to the synod of Troyes.


1129 AD – He ended the crisis arising out of certain charges brought against Henry, Bishop of Verdun.


1830 AD – Declared a Doctor of the Church.


1133 AD – Bernard was in Italy persuading the Genoese to make peace with Pisa.


1137 AD – He went back to Italy at Monte Cassino, setting the affairs of the monastery.


1145 AD – Traveled in the south and to preach, aided by his emaciated ascetic’s looks and simple attire.


1146 AD – Bernard called for 2nd Crusade.


1153 AD – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux died on 21st of August in Clairvaux, France.


1173 AD – Canonized as a saint.