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Bergen, Candice Patricia

Born: 1946 AD
Currently alive, at 75 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Actresses

1946 – She was born on the 9th of May in Beverly Hills, California.

1958 – She appeared with her father on Groucho Marx’s quiz show You Bet Your Life as Candy Bergen.

1975 – She was the first female guest host on Saturday Night Live.

1979 – She married film author Louis Malle.

1988 – She starred in television series "Murphy Brown" as Murphy Brown.

1990 – She Won Emmy Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Murphy Brown.

1992 – She became American vice president Dan Quayle criticized Bergen’s TV character for becoming a single mother.

1994 – She was awarded by Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Murphy Brown.

1995 – Bergen spent years battling insomnia, anxiety, and grief.

2003 – She appeared in the movie View from the Top.

2005 – She joined the cast of Boston Legal as Shirley Schmidt, a founding partner in the law firm of Crane.

2006 – She received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.