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Berengar Tours

Born: 9990 AD
Died: 1088 AD
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999 – Berengar of Tours was born.

         – His education began in the school of Bishop Fulbert of Chartres, who represented the traditional theology of the early Middle Ages, but did not succeed in imposing it on his pupil.

         – He became a canon of the cathedral.

1040 – He became head of its school, improving its efficiency and attracting students from far and near.

1050 – Berengar addressed a letter to Lanfranc, then prior of Bec Abbey in Normandy, in which he expressed his regret that Lanfranc adhered to the eucharistic teaching of Paschasius and considered the treatise of Ratramnus on the subject to be heretical.

1051 – On his release from prison, probably effected by the influence of Geoffrey of Anjou, the king still pursued him, and called a synod to meet in Paris in October.

1059 – Berengar went to Rome, fortified by a letter of commendation from Count Geoffrey to Hildebrand.

1069 – He published a treatise in which he gave vent to his resentment against Pope Nicholas II and his antagonists in the Roman council.

1088 – Berengar of Tours died on the island of St. Cosme, near that city on the 6th of January.