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Berengar I of Italy

Born: 8450 AD
Died: 9240 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: King

845 – Berengar I was born probably at Cividale.

874 – He was the Margrave of Friuli.

884–885 – Berengar intervened with the emperor on behalf of Haimo, Bishop of Belluno.

888 – He became King of Italy.

900 – Louis marched into Italy and defeated Berengar.

901 – Louis was crowned King and Emperor by Pope Benedict IV.

902 – Berengar struck back and defeated Louis, making him promise not to return to Italy.

905 – Berengar again defeated him at Verona, captured him, and ordered him to be blinded.

924 – Murdered by one of his own men, possibly at the instigation of Rudolf, he died on the 7th of  April.