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Benson Njuguna

Born: 1979 AD
Currently alive, at 42 years of age.
Nationality: Kenyan
Categories: Computer Scientist

1979 – Born in Nairobi, Kenya; a country in the east coast of Africa.


2002 – He worked as a volunteer worker at Kenya Breast Health Programme located in Nairobi, Kenya which his aunt founded in the year 2000.


2003 – Entered Park University and have lived in there for the past three years.


2003-2006 – During his stay at Park, he was the Assistant President of World Student Union and a member of the ACM Club at the University.


2004-2006 – He worked for the University’s media service unit of the IT Department and helped install LCD projectors and flat panel computer monitors in classrooms and meeting halls.


2006 – He was able to meet up with some of his classmates form one of his computer classes and found a E-Business that took aerial photos and released for sale to the public.