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Benjamin Kubelsky

Born: 1894 AD
Died: 1974 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Comedians, Entertainers

1894 – Jack Benny was born on the 14th of February in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is an american comedian, vaudeville performer, film actor. He grew up in Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois.

1900 – He began studying the violin, an instrument that would become his trademark.

1910 – At the age of fourteen he was playing in local dance bands, as well as in his high school orchestra.

1911 – He start working in vaudeville and was playing as the young Marx Brothers.

1912 – He formed a vaudeville musical duo with pianist Cora Salisbury.

       – He also found a new pianist, Lyman Wood.

1917 – He left show business briefly to join the Navy during World War I.

       – He was booed by the troops, so he began telling Navy jokes on stage.

       – Earned a reputation as a comedian as well as a musician.

       – He returned to vaudeville and changed his first name to Jack.

1922 – He accompanied Zeppo Marx to a Passover seder in Vancouver.

1927 – Married Sadie Marks.

1929 – Acted in the Academy Award-winning movie The Hollywood Revue.

1937 – He began his famous radio "feud" with rival Fred Allen.

1950 – 1965 – Appeared on The Jack Benny Program.

1963 – Performed as a standup comedian and returned to film in Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

1974 – He died on 26th of December in Los Angeles, California, USA.