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Belzoni, Giovanni Battista

Born: 1778 AD
Died: 1823 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Archaeologist

1778 – Born on the 15th of November in Padua, Italy.

1800 – Studied hydraulics then moved to the Netherlands.

1803 – Traveled to England, where he married an Englishwoman, Sarah Bane.

1812 – He left England, and after travelling in Spain and Portugal.

1815 – He reached Egypt. Belzoni wanted to show Mehemet Ali a hydraulic machine of his own invention for raising the waters of the Nile..

1817 – Opened temple of Abu-Simbel.

         – He discovered tomb of Seti I.

1819 – Returned to England.

1820 – Published an account of his travels and discoveries.

1820-1821 – Exhibited facsimiles of the tomb of Seti I, held at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, London.

1822 – Belzoni showed his model in Paris.

1823 – He set out for West Africa, intending to travel to Timbuktu. Having been refused permission to pass through Morocco, he chose the Guinea Coast route.

         – Died on the 3rd of December at a village called Gwato where he was murdered and robbed.

         – He was the first to open the second pyramid of Giza.