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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian

Born: 1868 AD
Died: 1926 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Administrators, Archaeologist

1868 – Born on the 14th of July in Washington Hall, County Durham, England.

1884 – She went to Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and gained a first class honours degree in history.

1892 – Traveled to Persia.

1899 – She again embarked to the Middle East.

1900 – Visited Palestine and Syria then traveled to Jerusalem.

1905 – She was again in the Middle East.

       – Published her observations in the book The Desert and the Sown.

1907 – Traveled to Turkey and began to work with the archaeologist and New Testament scholar Sir William M. Ramsey.

1909 – She left for Mesopotamia and visited the Hittite city of Carchemish.

1913 – Her Arabian journey was generally difficult.

       – She was the second foreign woman after Lady Anne Blunt to visit Ha’il.

1915 – She was summoned to Cairo to the Arab Bureau, headed by General Gilbert Clayton.

1916 – On 3rd of March she was arrived in Basra.

       – Became the only female political officer in the British forces and received the title of "Liaison Officer, Correspondent to Cairo."

1917 – She was called by Cox to Baghdad and presented with the title of "Oriental Secretary."

1919 – Assigned to conduct an analysis of the situation in Mesopotamia.

1920 – Percy Cox returned to Baghdad and asked her to continue as Oriental Secretary.

1925 – Returned to Britain and facing family problems and ill health.

1926 – She committed suicide in Baghdad on 12th of July with an overdose of sleeping pills.