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Behring, Emil Adolf von

Born: 1854 AD
Died: 1917 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Bacteriologist

1854 – Born on the 15th of March in Hansdorf in West Prussia, now a part of Poland.

1878 – He took up Medical course at Friedrich-Wilhelms-Institut.

1894 – He was the Professor of Hygiene, University of Halle.

1895 – Served as Professor of Hygiene, University of Marburg.

         – Awarded the French Legion of Honor.

         – Behring discovered the diphtheria antitoxin for tetanus.

         – He suggested use of antitoxin for diphtheria.

1901 – Received the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

1905 – International Tuberculosis Congress he announced that he had discovered "a substance proceeding from the virus of tuberculosis."

1917 – Died at Marburg, Germany on the 31st of March.