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Beckham, John

Born: 1212 AD
Died: 1292 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Advertiser, Analysts, Archbishops, Artists

1250 – He joined the Franciscan order and studied in their Oxford convent. 1270 – He returned to Oxford and taught there, being elected in provincial minister of the Franciscans in England, but he was soon afterwards called to Rome as lector sacri palatii, or theological lecturer in the schools of the papal palace. 1774 – Peckham was always a strenuous advocate of the papal power, especially at the Council of Lyon. 1279 – He returned to England as Archbishop of Canterbury, being appointed by the pope on the rejection of Robert Burnell, Edward I’s preferred candidate. 1279 – His enthronement in October was the beginning of an important epoch in the history of the English primacy.          – His first act on arrival in England was to call a council at Reading, which met in July. 1292 – John Peckham died in December.