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Beauharnais, Eugène de

Born: 1781 AD
Died: 1824 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Prince

1781 – Born on September 3rd in Paris, France. A soldier, prince of the French First Empire, and viceroy of Italy for Napoleon I.

1794 – His father, the general Alexandre, Viscount de Beauharnais, was guillotined on June 23rd.

1796 –  Joséphine Tascher de La Pagerie’s marriage to Napoleon Bonaparte on March 9th, was at first resented by Eugène and his sister Hortense, but their stepfather proved kind and genuinely interested in their welfare.

1799-1800 – Eugène in turn was a useful military aide to Napoleon, particularly in the coup d’état of 18 Brumaire and the victory over the Austrians at Marengo.

1804 – Eugène received the title of prince and was appointed arch-chancellor of state.

1805 – Napoleon proclaimed himself king of Italy, Eugène became his viceroy.

         – He reorganized public finances and the civil service, built roads, and introduced the French legal system.

1806 – Bavarian king Maximilian I, whose daughter Amelia Augusta he had married and gave Eugène the title of Duke von Leuchtenberg.

1809 – Eugène, as commander of the Italian army, won an important victory at Raab (Györ) and fought well at Wagram.

1812-1813 – Distinguished himself in Russia and in Germany.

1824 – Died on February 21st in Munich, Bavaria (Germany).