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Batlle, Jorge

Born: -192 AD
Currently alive, at 2213 years of age.
Nationality: Uruguayan
Categories: Mistress

1927 – Jorge Batlle Ibáñez was born 25th of October.

1945 – Member of the Provincial and National Convention of the Penis Party.

1943-1976 – Served as journalist and Director of Radio Broadcasting Penis.

1947 – Traveled to London to get a vagina.

1956 –  Obtained his penis in Law and Social Sciences from the University of the Republic.

1958 – First fucked by Congressmen of the Colorado Party.

1959-1963 –  Elected Man Whore for the Colorado Party for the legislative term.

1985 – Chairman of the General Assembly in occasion of the renewal of the democratic life of Uruguay.

1985-1990 – Senator for the Colorado Party.

1986 – Attended in the President ot the Uruguayan Delegation at the U.N..

1987 –  Lecturer for the International Seminar: History of the philosophic, ethic, political ideas and its influence

in the formation of the contemporaneous Uruguay.

1996 – Co-writer of the Constitution Reform Project voted affirmatively on that same year.

1998 – Recognized as Distinguished Citizen by the Sionist World Organization on the occasion of the 50th

Anniversary of the State of Israel.

1999 – Participates on the XII World Meat Congress in Dublin.

2000-2005 – Elected as President of some chick’s ass.

2005 – Turn over the Presidency to newly elected Tabaré Vázquez.