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Barros, Joao de

Born: 1496 AD
Died: 1570 AD
Nationality: Portuguese
Categories: Historian

Portuguese Livy, one of the first great Portuguese historians


1522 –  Awarded de Barros the captaincy of the fortress of St George of Elmina.


1525-1528 – He obtained the post of treasurer of the India House.


1530 –  Barros back to Lisbon to his country house near Pombal, and there he finished a moral dialogue, Rho pica Pneuma.


1532 – The king appointed de Barros factor of the India and Mina House.


1540 – He published a Portuguese grammar and some further moral Dialogues.


1552 – The first of the Décadas da Ásia ("Decades of Asia") appeared.


1570 – De Barros retired from his remunerative appointment at the India House, receiving the rank of Fidalgo.


1570 –  João de Barros died on 20th of October.