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Barker, William George

Born: 1894 AD
Died: 1930 AD
Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Aviators

1894 – William George Barker was born 3rd of November in Dauphin, Manitoba.

1914 – Barker joined the Canadian Mounted Rifles.

1916 – William George Barker spent a year in the trenches before transferring to the Royal Flying Corps in April.

1916 – He qualified as an observer and shot down his first enemy aircraft from the rear seat of a B.E.2d. Posted to England in November.

1917 – Baker soloed after 55 minutes of dual instruction and received a pilot’s certificate.

         – William George Barker was back in France flying an R.E.8 until wounded by anti-aircraft fire on 7th of August.

         – In November 1917, his squadron was reassigned to Italy where Barker’s Sopwith Camel became the single most successful fighter aircraft of the war.

 1918 – Barker shot down 46 enemy aircraft before Camel #B6313 was retired from service and dismantled on 2nd of October.

          – Barker joined 201 Squadron for ten days in France.

          – He encountered sixty Fokker D.VIIs flying in stepped formation.

1930 – William George Barker died March 12, near Ottawa when he lost control of his Fairchild KR-21 biplane trainer during a demonstration flight.

Barker received the Victoria Cross (VC).